People Policies and Procedures - People Policies

Policies are formal documents outlining how an organisation intends to conduct its business and how it will act in specific circumstances. It is generally a one page document containing company name, signature, date, name and title of person signing and includes a document control version.

National employment standard

Fair work information statement provided to all new staff - register indicating staff have received statement recruitment strategy identifying value of local workforce.

Training and workforce development policy

Policy to outline organisation's approach to staff development and training.


People Policies and Procedures - People Procedures

Procedures clearly document how policies are integrated into the management system. They set out in detail how policies will be implemented, by whom, and state when they will be reviewed and revised as required.

Fair dismissal procedure

Document that outlines fair dismissal processes and draws attention to the importance of following health and safety rules.

Dispute resolution

Procedure which outlines how workers are advised of and agree to internal and external issues, including special requirements with respect to health and safety dispute resolution.


People Risks and Responsibilities - Contracts of employment

Contracts of employment are available for all staff which identify risks and responsibilities between the employer and employee as required under Fair Work Act, 2009.


Template letters of offer which outline for staff that they are employed under a contract of employment that contains conditions that meet relevant award requirements.


People Risks and Responsibilities - Job Descriptions

Examples of job descriptions are available that take risks and responsibilities for the business into account for work undertaken.


Jobs are clearly described for all roles within the organisation. Job descriptions for all staff include positions, tasks performed, and statement of cmTency of the position.


People Training - Training

Documentation that training needs and required training has been identified and appropriate training undertaken.

Training plans

The organisation has documented the training needs for all jobs within the organisation and has identified gaps within the skills of cmTently employed staff.

Training records

Number of employees trained in the last financial year. Record of staff who have attained skills consistent with national competency standards. Training and assessment to national standards and/or conducted by a Registered Training Organisation. Compliance Work Health and Safety Act, 2012.

People Records, Audits and Investigations - Support for local communities

The business provides support to their local communities demonstrating good corporate social responsibility.


Endorsements or letters of appreciation from community members or associations on support provided by the business.