Environmental Policies and Procedures - Environmental Policies

Policies are formal documents outlining how an organisation intends to conduct its business and how it will act in specific circumstances. It is generally a one-page document containing company name, signature, date, name and title of person signing and includes a document control version.

Environmental Policy

Environmental policy signed by person conducting business or undertaking (PCBU or their representative) that explains organization's commitment to minimising environmental harm and meeting all relevant legislation. Forest Practices Act, 1985. Forest Practices Code 2015.

Environmental Policies and Procedures - Environmental Procedures

Procedures clearly document how policies are integrated into the management system. They set out in detail how policies will be implemented, by whom, and state when they will be reviewed and revised as required.

Environmental Risk Management Procedure

Procedures which clearly document how the organisation may cause environmental harm and how measures to minimise harm are integrated into the management system, and are reviewed and revised regularly, whenever necessary. Evidence may include;

Coupe hazard assessment and risk assessment plan.

Environmental incident investigation and reporting

Procedure which documents how environmental incidents are reported and how investigations are to be conducted consistent with best practice and to relevant legislation. This includes a documented procedure on how a register of incidents is maintained, and how incidents are reported and investigated.

Environmental standard operating procedures

Procedures exist for each work function where failure to follow the rules may or has resulted in environmental harm which reflect the requirements of current environmental legislation, codes of practice, agreements and guidelines. Evidence may include a copy of standard operating procedures or proforma which is reviewed annually and updated when necessary.

Environmental emergency response procedure

Likely environmental emergency situations are identified and relevant response procedures are clearly documented and associated processes are periodically tested.

These should include:

  • Inadvertent breach of forest practices code or other laws
  • Spills of chemicals fuels and oils

Required under Forest Practices Act, 1985, Forest Practices Code 2015; Model Code of Practice - managing risks of hazardous chemicals. To be completed for each coupe with specifics for that coupe.


Environmental Risks and Responsibilities - Environmental Risk Management

Documentation demonstrating that mechanisms of environmental harm have been identified and appropriate controls have been implemented.

These may include:

  • Protection of soil and waterways
  • Protection of Rare and Threatened Species
  • Chemical and fuel usage
  • Smoke, dust, noise pollution
  • Waste management
  • Nuisance to neighbours and local communities

Completed for each coupe - process to show that this is done and monitored - Evidence that process is working - audits.


Documented hazard assessment down to coupe level. Evidence that process is working through internal or external audit reports. Satisfies requirements under legislation and industry Codes of Practice/Guidelines.

Environmental Risks and Responsibilities - Forest Practices Codes/Guidelines
Evidence that managers and workers know their obligations within the Forest Practices Code I Industry guidelines. Declaration that the manager understands environmental requirements and incorporates this into planning and documentation.


Declaration by business owner/manager that environmental requirements are understood and incorporated into planning and documentation (as outlined in industry Codes of Practice/Guidelines and Legislation - Forest Practices Code).


Environmental Training - Environmental Awareness Training

Evidence of environmental awareness training, which includes procedures for recognising and notifying forest managers of special values. Based on risk potential of employee's operations -e.g. Machine operators, chemical weed operators, etc. Not stipulated as a requirement across all Forestry Companies.


Training records (statement of attainment for environmental awareness) are available. This is not stipulated as requirement yet, but certain Forest Managers require this training for all contract staff conducting operations on the land they oversee.


Environmental Records, Audits and Investigations- Internal Records

Adequate records are maintained in the workplace to meet compliance requirements of standard operating procedures, such as for coupe plan variations and weather observation records.

Coupe plan variations

Evidence that record keeping is undertaken and working as determined by internal / external audit processes, that variations to coupe plans are captured as required.

Weather readings

Evidence that record keeping is undertaken, and reported as required, as determined by internal / external audit processes, e.g., weather readings during fire season.

Records of incident reporting, notification, investigation and close out

Documented evidence that investigations of all environmental noncompliance incidents have been conducted including identification of causal factors and related preventative and corrective actions are conducted in consultation with affected parties, implemented and are effective. Evidence that where an incident must be reported to external parties that this has occurred in accordance with laws and contractual obligations.


Environmental Records, Audits and Investigations - Self-inspection

A process of self-inspection is applied in the workplace to periodically review the business and workers performance to compliance with environmental requirements. Evidence that managers have conducted inspections of compliance to coupe plans.


Records of inspection (documented environmental inspection program - evidence that it has been carried out). Evidence process is working - eg., Forest Manager audit/inspections Declaration by business owner is being undertaken


Environmental Records, Audits and Investigations - External Review

Evidence that the business is periodically reviewed by external parties.


Evidence of:

  • FPA audits
  • Forest Manager internal audits
  • Third party external audits