The Forestry Better Business Program describes one agreed set of industry standards. The standards have been drawn from current legislation and regulation, at both a state and federal level. ForestWorks has worked closely with industry to document the relevant and existing industry standards against the four key areas of safety, environment, economic and social. By registering for this program you will have access to the portal where you will be able to upload evidence against these standards and share this information with your Forest Manager(s) to demonstrate you have meet current standards.

Traditionally, forest managers have used different standards and methods to manage the forestry contracting businesses providing services to them.  Until now, there has been no set of agreed industry-wide operating standards, packaged together for businesses to use.  The Forestry Better Business Program aims to streamline communication between forest managers and forestry contracting businesses.

Please click on the icons below to view the standards under each pillar. (Note: a Work Health and Safety Audit Tool is also available to support organisations demonstrate and report their compliance to the various safety standards)